Many of us use Gmail everyday for sending and receiving emails. But there may be a chance where you Gmail account is hacked and somebody else know the password. So, how do you know that your account is hacked?

Below are four ways by which you will know if your Gmail is hacked:

  • You try to open your Gmail account by putting the password and you can’t.
  • Before you open the email , you will see that it has already been opened and read.
  • You can see emails sent without your notice.
  • Also if you see the activity on your Gmail , you may find Gmail accessed from unknown device or location.

Go to inbox of your Gmail and scroll down.

gmailaccountYou can see when it was last accessed. If you doubt that it was not the last time you accessed it then click on “Details“.



You can see the time and date when it was last accessed and you can also see if someone else is connected to your Gmail at this present moment.

So, by this you will be able to know if your Gmail is hacked or not.

Do you have other ways by which you will know if your Gmail is hacked ?