Do you want to lock a Folder

You may want to lock folder for any security reason. If you want to lock any spreadsheet file or word document, you can do it easily by putting password for them. But suppose if you want to lock a video file, a picture then you can’t put a password for them. So, the alternative solution will be is to store those video or picture files in a folder and then lock the folder using Folder lock.

There are many utility software for locking the files and one of them is “Folder lock” which you can download from

There is a trial version and premium version for this software. You can download and try the trail version. If you like it then you can purchase it from the website.

Download and install the software and run the software. The first time when you run the software the program will ask you to set up a master password. It is a password which you need to enter every time you run the program.



After entering the password click on “OK” button and you will go the following screen.



Now click on “Add” button and select “Add Folder(s)” to browse and select the folder which you want to lock. When you have finished locking the folder then the Folder will be hidden from the original location and it will appear inside the folder lock with status locked as shown in the picture below.



If you want to unlock the Folder again just log into the Folder lock program select the folder.

Then click on “Unlock” button on the top right corner.


Now the folder unlocks and you can see the status of the folder as “unlocked” and you can see the folder in its original location.

After that you just exit the program.