Everyone of us have experienced problems at least once in a while when using our computer. Either our screen went black, either mouse stopped working, either the system didn’t start. May be we were afraid at that moment as what has happened. There is an easy approach to solve all these Windows troubleshooting.



The important thing for removing Windows troubleshooting is to note down what message appears when there is a troubleshoot or what did you do so that the troubleshoot occurred.

Many of us just neglect the message. But this is a wrong approach. Just note down the message and you can search in Google about the troubleshoot and you will get hundreds of sites for removing those troubleshoots.

Also don’t forget what you did for the last time, either you installed a new driver, either a new application, removed an application because of which troubleshoot started. Then it will be easy to solve the troubleshoot.

If there are case where windows crashes down without giving any message then it is a different case. But most of the the time troubleshoot occurs because of your recent activity.

So, never forget to note down the error message or write down the last activity for removing windows troubleshooting.