Blogging is very popular since few years back. Since the arrival of Content Management System like WordPress, Drupal it’s very easy for a person with little of Webdesign to make a blog. Blogging also have helped people to earn some extra money either with Google Adsense or from various other sources. Blogs also have helped people to become famous and express their views and ideas to a large circle of people around the world.  All of us make blog and try hard to make our blog popular.

Below is the number one mistake webmasters make in blogging.

…..And that is spending too much effort for link building. Link building is getting links from other sites. It increase Google Page rank and can be found easily on search engines.  But remember that Google doesn’t accept links which you have bought specially if your blog has Google Adsense. So,you should earn it.

Now the thing most of the webmasters spend too much time on trying to get link from other sites. Instead of spending the whole effort for getting links we should focus on increasing the quality of user experience in overall aspects of our blog.

We should focus on our design of the blog. It should be easy to navigate and can be found on search engines. The design should be clean and simple. We should focus on the quality of the content. The content should be compelling so that people will visit your site. They should find it useful and link to it.

Next thing is you should consider the speed at which your blog loads in the browser. If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, then try to go for the Premium theme which will help your blog to load faster for better user experience.

So, focus on the quality and better user experience than link building. Links come naturally if your blog is compelling.