Since last few weeks my iPhone 5s was not charging properly when I tried to charge it. I had to try many times to insert the USB charger cable connector to iPhone 5s many times and by trying for 15 – 20 times I would be successful in my attempt. Let me remind you that I had bought in January 2014 and within 6 months it was showing charging problem.

My first thought was may be the iPhone 5s charger cable is damaged and I was making up my mind to buy a new one. Before that I thought of doing “Google” search once to find if there is any other reason for that and I found it.

The reason which may be behind iPhone 5s not charging properly is because of the dust which has accumulated in the USB connector.

iphoneI used a tooth pick to remove the dust from the inner side of the connector and to my surprise I found there were dirt gathered in the USB lightning connector.

After I cleaned the USB connector then there was no problem in charging my iPhone 5s again.

So, guys before you buy a new USB charging connector try to remove the dust from the iPhone 5s USB charger connector.

I hope this will be able to remove the problem. If you any other ideas please comment in the box below.