Many of us now a days create a blog but the problem is once the blog is created no one visits our blog or we don’t have enough visitor. Getting traffic to your website or your blog is the most important thing to rank your website in Google and getting popular. Below are some of the ways by which you can get traffic to your website.

1. Time: – The number one factor which contributes to getting traffic to your website is Time. Unless you pay money to advertise your blog or site in search engines like Google or bing it will take time for your blog or website to be noticed. Search engines need time to crawl and index your website pages. Whatever website I have checked having higher page rank, I found that they are at least two or more than two years old.

2. PPC: – Pay per click. If you want to advertise your blog/website in search engines like Google or Bing and want to be on the first page of them then you need to pay for that. But for a blog/website which you want to use to earn money with Google AdSense then Google won’t allow it as it not a legal way to get traffic.

3. Quality Content: – The other most important thing is the quality content. What kind of content should you write? Take an example of yourself. What kind of content attracts you? Any piece of information which is informative, helps to solve problem, tutorial or interesting topics will attract any people to the website. Nobody wants to read a website which has scrap things.

4. Design: – The other important factor is the design of the website. What design means is it should be simple and clean. It shouldn’t be cluttered with ads and flash files. Remember it is the quality and usefulness of the site which attract visitors not the fancy design. Let there be enough white spaces, prominent heading and subheadings and use short sentences with bullets.

Also make your website mobile friendly. Many of us like to surf the internet with our smart phones. So if our website is mobile it will help viewers to view it easily. If you are using WordPress to create a blog then you can use “WP-touch” plugins to make it mobile responsive.

5. Catchy Title:- Titles of you article also plays a vital role in getting traffic to your website.

  • Your website title should communicate benefit to a reader eg:- How to wind friends and influence people.
  • Using list titles:- Top 48 laws of power
  • Comparative titles:- iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4s.
  • Tutorial type titles:- How to watch movies online for free
  • Using catchy words like free, easy, simple, genuine, truth etc.

6. Frequent posting:- Post quality content frequently. I use an online website to watch movies. I visit it at least three to four times a week to see if there is any new movies added. Similarly readers also visit to your website expecting new quality posts. So post frequently without compromising the quality of the article.

7. New, Hot or Controversial topics:- If you become the one who gets the opportunity to write about a new, controversial or a hot topic at first  then your website can be seen on the first page of the search engine. But remember that it is temporary only.

8. Page speed:- Page speed is the amount of time it takes for your website to load and being displayed by the browser. Whenever we want to view any webpage if it takes time to load then we get bored and we go back and look for the other website. Click on the link below to test your website speed and ways to increase it.

How to check your webpage speed and increase it

9. YouTube Videos: – Nowadays YouTube videos are more popular. Everyday millions of videos are uploaded every day. If you have tutorial website create YouTube videos for your tutorial and embed it in your blog. Those things which we can see are easier to understand than the written ones.

10. Advertisement: – Advertising your website or blog is one of the most critical thing to generating traffic to your website or blog. Nowadays is the age of social media like Facebook, twitter, Google plus. You can get free advertisement from these social media. Whenever you write any quality useful article post it to the social media like Facebook, Google+ twitter.

11. Guest posting: – Writing a guest article to the already established blog is another way to get traffic to your website from their website or blog. You get a back link to your website. But remember your article should be of high quality because nobody wants to post a scrap article to their blog. Why would they break the reputation which their website has established after a long time? Ask them kindly if they can publish your article. Don’t get hurt if they don’t publish it because they may be receiving hundreds of guest article every day.

12. Article Submission: – Article submission also helps to drive traffic to your website. Submit it to websites like, stumble upon,, All these websites have high google page rank. So if your articles gets published in the home page then you will get more number of visitors to your blog.

13. SEO Optimization: – Search engine optimization is another important factor which contributes your website to be searched and indexed by search engines like Google and Bing etc.

There are few things you can do for increasing SEO:-

  • Interlinking your post. Always link your post in a genuine way so that it helps to navigate the viewers.
  • Keywords research. Do keywords research by using free tools like google keywords tool? Find the keywords which is more popular and has high Cost per click rate. You can use paid keyword research tools like Market Samurai. Google it more about keyword research. Use keyword with about 5000 – 20000 searches per month. If you have keyword with very high competition then your blog may not be able to compete with the established blogs.
  • Image:- Always use Alt tags to your images.
  • Meta description:- Write an interesting meta description for your blog and include keyword in the meta description.
  • Tag your post with a title e.g Windows Troubleshooting, Internet tricks

14. Commenting on another blog: – Comment genuine in other blog of your interest. Give honest feedback and leave your link so that they can visit your blog.

These are the method which you can use for generating more traffic to your website. It may be overwhelming for you which ones to follow. Follow one by one. Remember it takes time and it is the quality of article which matters. Keep in mind that when you create a blog or a website have a feeling that you want to help others to solve their problem or entertain them not solely for the basis for earning money through Google adsense.