What is productivity?

Productivity may be defined as being something useful, informative or getting effective result.

How productivity is measured?

Productivity can be measured in either quantity i.e. how much quantity you were able to achieve or it can be measured in quality, how much satisfaction or value did you get from something.

What does productivity give you?

If you measure productivity in terms of quantity then productivity gives you profit in numbers. But if you measure productivity in terms of quality then it gives you pleasure and internal happiness or satisfaction.

How can you make your day productive?


  • Plan for a day and prioritize your work:- Planning is the most important thing day to make it productive. Plan what you will do in the next day or for three to four days. Of course there are times when your plan may not work due to some uncertain conditions. But still you need to make a schedule and do the things. Prioritize your things. Things which are most important can be done at first and so on. Don’t waste too much time on one thing so that you will not get time for the other.
  •  Do things which are pending:- I am working abroad and I had always thought of opening a bank account back in my country, but for some reasons I couldn’t do it for some time. One off day I decide to the pending work. I got up early in the morning and went and opened the bank account. When I returned back to my room I was very much satisfied and happy internally that I had achieved something. So do things which are pending and finish it off.
  •  Learn new things:- Learning new things are very useful for you. You never know when you need it. For example when you are free then you can learn new things. It can be smaller like learning to cook a new recipe to learning foreign language. Whenever I have free time I always surf and learn about gadgets, technology, tutorials and make my day productive.
  •  Help others: – Help someone else to do some work. In my work area I will always be helping others to do their task. May be that will be a small contribution but that gives me a feeling of satisfaction. Also, you will be developing friendship and in return you may get help when you need. Remember today is the age of networking.
  •  Don’t spend your time for unnecessary things:- Many of us spend our time hanging up in Facebook, chatting or watching movies throughout our off day. Of course we need to relax yourself on the weekends but still you can do some productive works along with relaxing yourself. I have seen people hanging up in Facebook for the whole day and up to midnight just chatting and wasting there time.

So, above are the few ways by which you can make your days productive.