SMS stands for “short messaging service” which is a popular form of exchanging messages between mobile phones. For more information about SMS you can visit this article at Wikipedia.

When you receive an SMS in your phone then the preview of the message can be seen even on the lock screen by default. But maybe you don’t want to show it for privacy reason. Below are the steps for turning off the message. Remember for this function to perform effectively you need to have passcode set for iPhone.

1. Go to the main screen and press “Settings” icon.

2. Scroll down and select “Notification center”.

3. Scroll down and press “Messages”.

4. Slide the button off for “Show preview”.

iPhone message preview

Now when you receive a message then a notification will be shown from whom you received the message but the preview won’t be shown.

iPhone message preview

Tip:- If you want to completely hide the message then you can slide the button off for “Show on Lock Screen” under “Messages.”

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