firebugWant to design a Web page easily. Then here I am help to help you. There is an add-ons named “FIR EBUG” which helps to analyze CSS elements of a webpage so that you can design a page like professionals.


Click on “Firefox” button on the left top corner of the screen or click on “Tools” and then on “Add ons“. You will get the following menu.


Click on “Add-ons


Click on “Search” button on the left side.

And on the right corner of the windows type “Fire Bug” and click on “search” icon.

After you find the “Fire Bug” icon, click on “install” button.

Now “Fire Bug” is installed on your firefox browser.

Check the video below to find how to use Firebug. Note that you can use firebug to inspect all the attributes like font-color, size, body background etc and use them. In the video below I have used CSS drop shadow and size and background color for search input box only.