At first let us know what productivity is. Productivity can be understood as something good being achieved. It can be achieved with hard work. But it is better if we can achieve things in a smarter way, without working much harder.

In this article today we will see how to be a productive blogger. Of course when we want to blog then we should prepare ourselves with tools and knowledge we require for blogging

1. Use tools for making your blogging your journey easier

How if we had some tools to make our blogging journey easy. If we have to assemble an IKEA furniture which comes in a flat pack, obviously we will require tools such as hammer, screwdrivers, drill machines, right?  If you are going for a war what do you do, you carry most of the advanced fighting equipment.

Similarly if we want to blog then it is better to have some blogging tools which makes our journey easier. We have many free tools for this purpose.

Google Adwords from Google will help you to find out which search phrases people are looking for to find out a particular thing. Is people looking for general term “Malaria” more than the scientific name Plasmodium Falciparum?


It is always better to check what search terms people are looking for so that you won’t waste your time writing about things people don’t search for.

Google Analytics from Google helps you in many ways. It will help you to find out how many page views you had per month. You can see how much percentage of the visitors are new ones and returning ones. You can check which search terms are bringing more people to your site and such many more details.


Google console previously known as Google webmaster tools from Google helps you to find out if there is any error in your blog. If there is any, then you will get a message. You can find links to your site. You can send request to manually block a site if it is doing harm to your blog.


Google trends from Google helps you to find which search phrases are gaining popularity and which one is losing so that you can use your time productively. You can compare between phrases.

You can check for a particular location or worldwide. You can set the time frame either on a particular year or from how many years back.



There are other paid tools such as Semrush, Wordtracker which will help you to find what phrases people type, which keywords has high search volume and you can also find the Keyword difficulty, which means how difficult it will be for you to rank for those keywords in Google.

2. Take your blogging journey seriously

If you want to be successful in blogging then you should be serious in blogging. Don’t take it as a part time job. If you do then you might work for your blog once in a while. If you do so then you can’t progress.

Amit Agrawal, a famous blogger from India, from blogs from his home. But he as a separate office outside his home. That probably gives him a feeling of working at office. He is a professional blogger.

3. Create a Routine

You should make a routine of how you will approach your blogging journey. Make a goal of how many blogpost you want to write; one blog post per day, 3 blog post per week. Whatever you do make it a habit.

Case study shows that more blog post you write, more traffic you get.

When Kevin J. Duncan of wrote 5 post per week instead of one long post per week his traffic increased by 46%.


Social shares increased by 84%

Don’t compromise for quality over quantity. Of course, it is not possible to create pillar articles every single day. But you should be writing articles which are useful for people such as “How to” articles, tips and tricks, even though it is short.

4. Use a To-do list


Why use To-do list. Basically it helps you to be organized. There are many things which you have to do. On the top of that you may forget things.

So organize your task using to-do list so that you will finish off the important things first and avoid distractions.

Calculate, divide and use your time wisely. You should have a day which you will use only for finding out the best topics which you want to write about. Then you will another day to jot down the ideas and have a rough draft. Then you have a final day which you will use for editing and publishing the article.

Divide your task. Do difficult and big task at first and then leave small task at the end. Our mind tries to do simple task at first and then difficult at the end. In that way if you can’t finish the difficult task then you will feel dissatisfied.

5. Don’t do multitasking

Research shows that multitasking decreases your productivity. If you are writing about one topic then you shouldn’t be thinking about another topic at the same time. You may come up with a convincing and nice topic which you want to start writing at the same time. Don’t leave what you are doing right now.

But it is better to focus one topic at one time. If any topic comes to your mind note it down and keep it for later.

Also for me I can’t listen to music and think at the same time. If I am concentrating then I need a quiet environment.

6. Get started and stop procrastinating

There is a saying that “A journey started is half completed”. Most of the time we complain about things not being right.  But conditions are not always according to what we expect. There is no best time than to start now.

Sometimes we are over worried about what is going to happen tomorrow. May be we have something to do tomorrow and conditions may not be perfect. Then we worry too much the previous night. Then tomorrow when we do the task it might not be as much difficult what we thought. So stop worrying too much

7. Give a Deadline to yourself

Whenever you start a work it is very much important to give yourself a deadline so that you will know when to finish. If you don’t have a deadline you will be lost. You may feel lazy to complete the work.


I am working as a retail sales representative in a store. There are times when we have to change the layout of the store. When we need to do this we prepare a deadline, which things needs to be completed at what time. We have a tight schedule and we need to complete within this time frame.

So, give yourself a deadline as when you will finish a particular blog post so that you can produce article according to your target.

8. Take a break during work and make it fun

Research shows that we can’t concentrate on any task continuously for more than 90 minutes. Then we need to take a break. Same goes in case of writing blog. Take a break when writing blog post.

If you feel stressed take a break, take a nap, and take a walk. This all refreshes you and then you can concentrate on your task.

9. Get motivated by reading success stories

Get inspired by reading other success stories. If you feel, you need to boost up then read other people struggles and how they have achieved success now.


There are bloggers who post their monthly income. But I am not sure that whether it is a correct figure or not. Nonetheless when you read how much money they make then it inspires you and you can think that you can make living out of blogging.

For example Harsh Agrawal of publishes monthly income as well expenses for maintaining his blog and it looks quite promising.


10.Check what things are wasting your time

There are many things which distracts you. There are social media such as Facebook, Instagram. Of course we need to use them as it helps you to connect with your friends or families. But there are people who overuse them.

I have seen people who spend more than 3-4 hours just chatting on Facebook and is wasting time. People watch YouTube videos, it is good for gaining knowledge and taking a break, but don’t stick to it. Have a balance.

Also don’t socialize too much. People spend their weekend going outside and spending time without purpose.

On the whole we can say have a balance.

11. Making your workspace tidy


Clean and clutter free workspace helps you to concentrate and give you a clear mind to work. I have personal experience that if your workstations is filled with unwanted papers, pencils then you don’t feel good. You feel something heavy.

It creates a psychological impact also.

12. Take help from others

We all don’t know about everything. People have their own ideas. It is always best to collaborate with others if you can. Take ideas from your friends or your families.

Look at the comments what people are saying. Take ideas if it is valuable. Read a lot. If you are a blogger then you need to read about your particular interest so that you know what is going on in your community.

13. Write what you are passionate about

Productivity is something related to working with enthusiasm. We are enthusiastic about things which we like. So, it is best to write about what you like about.

It is not that you can’t write about things which you don’t know. May be you want to write about Gadgets such as iPhone which has a high search value and conversion. But you may not know about it. Then in that case you have to learn a lot about its features. It is not that people can’t learn but it takes time.

But by personal experience it is best to write about the field which you have lots of experience. You will be knowing all the problems and solutions, so it is easier for you.