howtoWebsite hosting is placing website on the live server so that it can be accessed from any computer connected with the internet.

What are the requirements for Website hosting?


  • At first you need to buy a domain name.
  • The next thing you need to do is to buy space from the web server to host your website.
  • Your website should be ready. If you are going to create a website in WordPress then you just need to install WordPress in the Webserver and start making a website or a blog. But if you have created a website using Dreamweaver or by coding it manually then you should store all your imges and webpages in a folder and the main webpage should be named as “index.php” or “index.asp”. It depends which coding language you have used.

How to Host WordPress in Webserver

Nowadays it is very easy to do these things. There are lot of options when it comes to webservers for hosting websites. eg:- Godaddy, Dreamhost, Bluehost etc.

Every Web servers have the facility of buying domain name and the space. It is very easy. Basically you need to search for the domain name and register it with limited or unlimited data capacity.In this tutorial I assume that you have already bought the domain and the space.

There are two ways which I am going to show basically for this tutorial.

The First one is by directly logging into the “cpanel” of the Webserver and hosting your website

Since I have hosted my WordPress blog using Blueshost, I will show it how it can be done on bluehost.

  • Type the address of the webserver on the address bar of the browser. eg:-
  • Then click on the ‘cpanel’ button on the right hand side of the screen.


  • Now you need to enter the username and the password. The username can be the domain name eg:- and the password will be the one which you will receive while registering the domain name.
  • After you enter inside the Control panel scroll down and look for the “Files” heading.


  • Click on “File Manager” and you will get the following box.


  • Now you need to remember that all your webpages will be stored in “Web Root (public_html/www)” folder. Select it and click on “Go” button.
  • Now you will enter inside the above mentioned folder. It looks like the below screen.


  • On the top you can see an “upload” button. Click on it. You will get the following screen.



  • Click on “Browse” button and you will get a box to select the file or pages which you want to host. Select it and click on “Open“. The particular webpage or file will be hosted to your websever.
  • But the problem with this method is you need to host a file or page one by one. If you want to host a whole folder or bunch of files by selecting at once then you follow the method below.

Now the next method is by using an FTP client software. FTP stands for “File transfer protocol.” It lets you host your files from your computer to a webserver.

You can use any free FTP client softwares like “Filezilla“, “coreFTP lite” etc.

  • For this tutorial I am using Filezilla client software. Google and download it.
  • After you run the software you will get the following screen.



  • ┬áIn the “Host” box type the domain name of your website or blog.
  • In the “username” and “password” box type it as provided by your webserver.
  • Then click on “Quick connect” button.
  • Now from the left side you can choose the file or whole folder which you want to host and on the right sie you have to choose the folder where you want to host and it is “public_html“. From the left side you can go to any location where your website is stored “C:“, “D:” or “My Document” and drag it to the right side to the folder named “public_html“. Your website will be hosted in your domain name.
  • Once you have finished hosting the file or page you can disconnect from the websever.