WordPress is one of the most easiest Content Management System used nowadays. It is primarily a blogging tool but can be used to build professional websites also. It is an open source software and is the best choice of bloggers nowadays. It was first started in May 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Currently there is 3.5.1 version which can be downloaded free at www.wordpress.org

So why is it so popular?

First is because it is very easy to use. Anyone having basic knowledge of web designing, HTML, CSS can use it very easily after a short practice.

WordPress has built in themes. Some of them are free to use. Also you can purchase various professional design themes at different prices. You can edit the theme too by editing its Cascading Style Sheet file.

The other strong plus point about WordPress is it has thousand of plugins which you can install in your wordpress site. Even though you don’t have coding knowledge to have a dynamic page or post, still it offers various ready made plugins which you can use. For instance you can create a “Contact us” page, or “Email subscription” with coding anything.

It also offers you various plugins for search engine optimization.

Currently there is wordpress 3.6 Beta 1 version available to download. But WordPress has not recommended to use it for your hosted website. It’s in the development phase and can be used for testing purpose only

So, have a nice blog development journey with WordPress.