All of those who have blogs know about the importance of having a back link and back link especially from a popular site. Now what is basically a back link. It is the link from another site point to your site.

What is the value of a  back link ?

For bloggers and the webmasters they know how important is it to have a Google page rank. Google page rank stand for popularity, visibility and authoritativeness in a search engine like Google. If you want your blog or website to be visible in the first page of Google then your blog should be ranked high.
Now the question is why you want your blog to appear in the first page of the search engines.

Researches have show that we tend to check the webpages which appears at the first page of Google or at least second page because we don’t have enough time browsing all the hundreds pages of Google search pages.

If you have a website of your company selling a service or a product then you want your website to beat your competitors and appear in the first page of Google. Of course if you want to do it then you can spend money to advertise it in the first page of Google search result. The other free way is to get back links from other popular websites and increase your blog page rank.

But How do you get back links from other sites ?

The most important way to get a back link is to have a valuable, original content which everyone wants to read and wants to link it to your site.

The other less valuable but an effective way is commenting on other post. But remember commenting to get a back link should have some guide lines. According to Matt Cutts of Google, commenting should be meaningful and not spamming. Your comment should have your original name and not any other fancy name. Meaningful comment which adds value to the post should be done and you can link your site if you have post related to your site. Or else you should give credit to the person whose site it belongs to. Comment in your niche and don’t leave hundreds of comment in blogs outside your niche expecting to have more back links. So comment wisely and get a back link.