All of us have been using Yahoo, Gmail since long time for sending emails. Also we are using Facebook for communication and updating status. But we are always at the risk of getting hacked.

How to know if your account is hacked?

If you are using social media sites like Facebook, then you may find status being updated without your knowing. Also if there is any message then you will find already being read.

If you are using Gmail or yahoo then you will find spam email messages being send from your email. Also you may find emails being already read from your account or sent to other people without your notice. Also you may find unnecessary subscription being done from your account.

What to do when you know that your account is hacked?

The first thing which you can do if you know your account has been hacked is to change the password immediately.

Create a password which is very unique using letters, symbols and digits and must be more than 6 characters long.

Click “Top 6 tips for createing secure passwords

Change the security questions related to your account. You may have given the alternate email account for recovering your password, change the password for it also.

Check whether there is any key logger program installed in your computer. Key loggers are the program which will record every keystorke you type or capture the screenshot and send it to the hacker.  You may have downloaded and installed software attached to your email or from any other unknown sites. Check if you see any program which you feel suspicious and remove it.

Always have the latest antivirus software installed in your computer so that it will prevent you from installing malicious software and visiting from phishing sites.

If you can’t access your account, i.e if the password of your account is changed then you need to visit the help center of the particular site and follow the steps for recovering your hacked password.

For gmail account you can log into this site:

For yahoo you can visit this site:

For Facebook you can visit this site:

For hotmail visit the site below: