My computer suddenly showed blurred colored pattern on the screen

My Computer was hanging from last few days. Anyhow it was working until yesterday night. Suddenly, today morning when I powered on my computer, the screen colored blur pattern. What the hell happened I didn’t understand for some time? I understand this is really frustrating.


What steps I followed to remove the troubleshooting?

I opened the cover for the cabinet and the first thing I tested was whether my screen was okay or there is some problem in my screen. I connected my desktop to another screen but the same problem was shown in the screen. This confirmed me that the screen was fine.

If you have a laptop then you can connect another screen to the laptop outlet which you can find on the side of the screen.


The next thing I tested weather was my Memory. I had two RAM of 2 GB each on the memory slots. I removed one of the memory from the slots and restarted the computer again. Be sure to remove and insert the RAM correctly into the module correctly. If you have correctly inserted the RAM properly into the slot then you will have hear a beep sound once. Now this time it was working perfectly fine. This confirmed that there was memory problem.


If this hadn’t solved my problem the third thing I would have done was to doubt the onscreen video card. In that case you can buy an external Video card and install and try it again. This will surely solve the problem.