errorTips to follow if your computer suddenly shows unexpected error?

You were using your computer fine but suddenly your computer starts to give you problem. You don’t understand what’s going on. Let me tell you some ways by which you can try to resolve the problem.
The first thing to do is to remember did you recently install any software or drivers for your hardware. May be the program which you recently installed is not compatible with your system or your hardware due to which the computer is freezing or giving you problem.
If you can remember the recently installed program you can remove the program and see whether it will solve the problem. If you don’t know which was the recently installed program then you can go to the “Control panel “and click on “Program and Features”. You will get the following screen.



Now you can sort the programs according to the date. Click on “Installed on” button to sort the installed program according to the date. Check the recently installed program and uninstall it. Restart the computer and check whether the problem is resolved or not.
Click “How to uninstall a program in windows” to remove the program.
If this didn’t solve your problem the you can do the following
If you are using “Windows xp, vista, 7” then restart the computer and press “F8” button and continue until Windows logo appears on the screen until you go the “Advanced booting option“.

You will get the similar screen as below.
Select “Last known good configuration” and your computer should work fine.If the problem is not resolved then you can restore your computer to an earlier point of time.
Check “How to restore your computer to an earlier point of time

For Windows 8:
For windows 8 you can try to refresh your system.
Press” Windows button” and “I” button on the keyboard and you will get the settings bar on the right side of the screen.
Click on “Change PC Settings” from the bottom.
You will get the following screen.
Click on “General”. Scroll down and check for “Advanced Startup”.
You can see “Restart Now” button below Advanced Start up menu. Click on it.
Now you will get three options. “Continue“, “Troubleshoot” and “Turn off your PC

Select “Troubleshoot” option. Now you will get three options:- “Refresh your pc“,”Reset your Pc” and “Advanced Options.”


Select “Refresh your PC
Now the following screen is displayed.



You will see what happens when you refresh your pc. Your files and folders will remain same and your computer setting will go to default. All the applications and drivers will be removed which you installed after you installed Windows 8 for the first time.
Press “Next” button and your system will be reverted back to the original state.

Now your computer will be refreshed and your computer settings will be reverted back to their default.

If all of these things don’t work then the last option is to do a fresh reinstall of windows in your machine. Backup your important files and folders in another drive.

This is how you resolve if your computer suddenly shows unexpected error.