Generally when someone sends you Whatsapp message then the preview should appear on the lock screen. But if you can’t see then let’s see how to fix it.

For iPhone

1. Open Whatsapp.

2. Tap on “Settings“.

3. Select “Notifications“.

whatsapp notification

4. Under “Message notifications” and “Group notifications“, make sure that “Show Notifications” is always on.

whatsapp notification

For Android Phones

Now it may be a little bit different according to the models of the android phone

1. Tap on “Settings“.

whatsapp status

2. Select “Applications“.

whatsapp status

3. Select “Application Manager“.


4. Go to “Whatsapp“.

whatsapp status

5. Make sure that “Show notifications” is checked.

whatsapp status


Other things you can do.

You can uninstall and reinstall Whatsapp again to check whether it will solve your issue.

Clear Whatsapp Cache and Data

A. For Android Phone

1. Tap on “Settings

clear cache android

2. Go to “Applications“.

clear cache data android

3. Select “Application manager“.

clear android cache and data

4. Select “Whatsapp“.

clear cache and data

5. Select “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache“.

clear cache and data


B. For iPhone

1. Tap on “Settings“.

2. Go to “General“.

whatsapp data

3. Go to “Storage & iCloud usage“.

storage & iCloud usage

4. Select “Manage storage“.

manage usage

5. Select “Whatsapp“.


6. You can see the amount of space taken by “documents & data” taken by iPhone.

Select “Delete App” to delete data for Whatsapp.



Remember to backup messages on Whatsapp before deleting whatsapp.