System restore is a utility feature included in Windows which will help to restore the system to an earlier point of time. System automatically creates a restore point, if you have enabled it . If you have a problem with your system after you make certain changes then you can always revert back to the previous time.

System restore doesn’t affect your personal file or folder. But whatever programs you have installed after the restore point of time, all will be removed. You can actually find which programs will be removed  by restoring the system at a particular point of time and which will be restored.

Below I have selected restore point as 12th November 2014 and clicked on “Scan for affected programs“.

system restore

I can see that “Adobe Flash player 15 Plugin 15.0.0. 223″ and “Filezilla Client” will be removed from the system and “Adobe Flash player 15 Plugin” will be restored.

system restore

System restore feature is present in “System 32” folder located in Windows folder. The application shortcut is “rstrui.exe”.

You can launch system restore in the following ways.

Using the search box

Click on “Start” and in the search box type “rstrui.exe” or “System restore”.

Hit the enter button.

You will see the function at the top of the search result.

system restore

system restore

Click on it and the system restore function will run.

 Using System Properties

Right click on “My Computer” icon on the desktop and click on “Properties”.

Click on “System Protection”.

system restoreClick on “System Restore” button.

system restore6

By using Control Panel

Open “Control Panel”.

Click on “Recovery”.

system restoreClick on “Open System Restore” to start system restore.

system restoreChoose a particular restore point and restore the system.