According to the article published in The Guardian magazine 95% of the request made to Google for removing privacy information from Google is made by the common people and only 5% is made by criminals, public figures and politicians. This finding was based on Google research. Here it is why as per my thinking.


This shows two things; one common people is more afraid society, law, care about moral values where as criminals, public figures and politicians are not that much afraid as common people.

Below are some fears of common people:

Common people are afraid of negative publicity



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Common people wants to remain in harmony with society. They are afraid what people might think about them if there is any kind of negative gossip that goes around their surroundings. They want to give their children a better education, they want to have their daughters married in a respectable family so they don’t any negative comments about them circulating in the society.

At times we have seen Hollywood celebrities whose Sex MMS videos have been leaked. They are charged with drunken driving. But for them it may be a way to gather publicity. May be for them “Negative Publicity is at least better than no publicity”.

There are cases of cyber harassment which is also known as cyberstalking growing every day. There are cases where people download pictures of women from Facebook profile, created a fake Facebook profile. They basically pictured them as a prostitute and then reveal their phone number. They harass them sexually due to which many of them also has committed suicide

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Common man feel they have not yet accomplished enough in their life




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General people never feel they have accomplished enough in their life. If they accomplished one thing then there is another thing on the way. First they have children, then they need to educate them, after that they need to worry about their career and their marriage. So, this is never ending process. They don’t want anything to come in their process of achievement.

They are afraid about loosing their job.

General people, their main source of income is their job. It is the job that runs their family. So, they are always afraid of being fired. In today’s world there is a lot of competition. You need to deliver your best if you have to be in your place. Any negative things about you will can destroy your image and thus causing you to lose your job. You make sure that your public profile is clean. Be careful when you are posting images of yourself in social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

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