Do you have programs installed in your computer which you want to use for yourself only and lock for other users?

If you want to then you can do so by using “AppLocker“. Create a “Standard user account“. A standard user it the one who doesn’t have permission to make changes in the windows system, security feathers, install or uninstall a program.  Then download and run a program called “AppLocker“. Remember that you need to enter password for administrator account to install the software.

Now run the “AppLocker” program. You need to enter administrator password to run the software. You will get the following screen.

applocker2Now put a tick mark in front of the check box, in front of the  program and click on “Save“. For example I will put a tick mark in front of “calculator“. Now if I run “calculator” then I will get the following message.


What to do when you don’t have a program in the list ?

Suppose if you don’t have the name of the program in the list then how to add it in the list.  Run the “AppLocker” by putting administrator password.

Then click on “Configure” button.

applocker4Now in the “Caption” box write the name for the program. eg. I have a program called “Drivermax” installed in my system. In the Caption box I will type “Drivermax“.

Now in “Executable File Name” box I have to type the .exe file name of the program.

How will I find the .exe name for the program. Type click on “Start” button. Write the name of the program in the search box eg. Drivermax.

applocker5Now you can see “DriverMax” at the top of the search box. Right click on “DriverMax” and click on “Properties“.

applocker7Now check in “Target” box. At the end you will see .exe name for the program. eg. drivermax.exe

Copy the name and paste in the “Executable file name” box as shown in the picture below.


Now click on “Add” button and you should be able to see the program name in the list.

applocker9Select the program eg. Drivermax and click on “OK” button. You should see the program name and a tick in front of the check box along the side of the program.

applocker10Now click on “Save” and “Close” button.

Now if you try to run the program you won’t be able to run the program.

applocker11The standard user won’t be able to uncheck the program from “AppLocker” as it requires administrator privileges. Also the standard user won’t be able to uninstall the program because it also requires administrator password.

This is how you can lock a program for a user.