computercrashAre you tried and annoyed why your computer crash often. May be you have some errors in your system setting which we will try to examine here. Below is the screenshot of the common computer crash scene often referred as “Blue Screen of Death


Below are some of the reasons for computer crash

1. Hardware conflict :- When you install a hardware inside a computer then it may cause hardware conflict due to which your computer may crash. Every hardware communicates with main processor with a unique “IRQ (Interrupt Request).” When a request is sent then the other processes stops to complete the sent request. For example if i use floppy disk to copy or delete the file then all the other processes are stopped temporarily to complete the action. As every device needs a unique IRQ number but sometimes two devices may be assigned the same IRQ number then in that case the computer can’t understand causes computer crash.

So, how can you solve this problem. If suppose your keyboard, mouse and such other removable devices are causing conflict then you can remove these devices from their connection point and again connect it. Uninstall and install the drivers if required. This will solve the hardware conflict problem.

2. Memory Problem:- If you have a faulty memory in that case also your computer will crash. You may get a blue screen with memory error message. What you can do in that case is you can once remove the memory from its slot and insert it again. You can also check the memory with “Memory diagnostic tool“. If it shows problems then you have to change the memory.

How to run windows memory diagnostic utility

3. Hard disk drive failure:- If your hard disk drive has lot of bad sectors or is not fragmented from a long time then it is better to run “Disk Defragment” utility and arrange the space inside your hard disk. Also you can use windows “error checking utility” to find out whether your hard disk is fine and attempt to fix the bad sectors of the hard disk.

4. Video Card Problem:- If you try to have maximum hardware resolution then the recommended setting then your computer may crash. In this case you can start the computer in safe mode.

How to run the computer in safe mode.

After running the computer in safe mode then you can adjust the resolution.

If you are using Windows 7 then you can adjust the resolution by right clicking on the desktop and select “screen resolution


After selecting the screen resolution. Click on “Apply” and “OK

5. Viruses:- Viruses may erase the boot sector of your hard disk thus stopping your computer from running. So you need to make sure your computer is always free from viruses. Always have an up-to-date antivirus software in your system.

How to find if your computer is affected from virus.

6. CPU overheating:- Sometime CPU cooler fan inside the system may not be working properly. In that case your system restarts frequently. So you need to open the system and check whether your CPU fan in working properly or not. If your CPU fan is not working properly then change the fan.

7. Power Outlet Problem:- Check to make sure whether the power outlet to which you have connected your system is in good condition and that you have not connected other heaving power consuming devices.