All of us who are interested in blogging have heard about the backlink. It is the number of links pointing to our blog. So, why backlinks are so important. Actually it is the number of quality backlinks that increases our Google page rank. Let me mention here that it is the number of quality backlinks not the quantity.

Google page rank is the ranking of our website done by Google. It helps to increase the visibility of our site or blog in Google search engine. A site having a high Google Page rank is displayed in the front page of a query search. So, in totality backlinks increases the credibility and popularity of our blog which in turn increases the Google page rank of a website.

Now why you should check the backlinks of popular blogs

I have mentioned above that you need to have quality backlinks. So, apparently popular blogs have quality backlinks. So, you can search what backlinks a popular blog or a site has then you can in turn try to have quality backlinks from those website. Now, I know that it is not an easy task but at least we can try so that we can get some quality backlinks.

We can obtain the backlinks from those popular websites by either submitting a quality guest post or by leaving a meaningful comment.

How to check the backlinks ?

There are many sites which you can use to check the backlinks. Below are some of them.







Personally I like the first one but I will use two or three sites to see what kind of results I get from each site and compare them.