What is a User Account ?

A user account is the account of a person who can use a computer. There are three types of user account:-

1. Standard User:- A standard user can do almost anything on the computer except making changes to the system such as install and uninstalling programs, changing registry.

2. Guest user:- This is a temporary user only. A Guest user has limited permission. They can’t view other files, use the internet but can’t make any changes to the system.

3. Administrator:- An administrator is the one who can make any change to the system. They can install, uninstall the software, they can make changes to the registry, create another user account.

What is User account Control ?

User Account Control is a setting introduce with Windows Vista which prevents a user from installing malicious or software which windows don’t recognize by displaying a warning box.

Why do we need User Account Control ?

Before in older version of windows like Windows xp, Windows 98 there was no standard user or Guest user. All were administrator and anybody could install the program. So, because of this your system could compromise and your system could be hacked. But with the introduction of different user accounts and the type of privilege they had it was little bit secure. But the problem was any program running in background could install if you are using the computer as an administrator. But with the introduction of User Account Control, you are always notified whenever any program which is not recognized by Windows tries to install.

Below is the screenshot of the different type of icons you will get with the dialog box and its description:

If you get this type of icon with the dialog box then it represents a program with windows valid signature. You just need to provide permission to install the program.


This program has a valid digital signature from the publisher but may not be from the windows.


This program is not verified by the publisher and doesn’t have a digital signature. You need to be very careful while installing this type of program. Don’t install it if you don’t trust the source of the program.


This type of program is also without a valid signature from the publisher. You need permission from the administrator to install this program. This program could be harmful for your system.

Why should you use your computer as a standard user ?

You should always use your computer as a standard user. It is because a standard user can’t make modify your system unless an administrator provides password for modification. This protects the computer being installed with malicious program.

How to enable or disable User account control ?

In case you are the only administrator using the system and you know all the programs you install are from trusted source then you can disable User account control.

Go to “control panel” and open “Action center“.

useraccount3Now you will get the following window.


Click on “Change user account control Settings“.


Now you can move the slider Up for enabling User Account Control Setting or move the slider down to disable the User Account Control Setting. Remember that you only disable User Account Control setting when you are sure that you will only use programs or website which you are familiar with.