Do you want to disable Disk Management ? There are many reasons why you may want to disable disk management. If you don’t want others to mess with the hard disk partition in your system then you don’t want others to be able to use Disk Management in your system.

Also you may have hidden a hard drive partition which you don’t want others to be able to retrieve. So, the best thing is to disable Disk Management. You can do it by using “Group Policy Editor” which comes in Windows 7.

Go to “Start” button and type “gpedit.msc“, which is the short form of Group Policy Editor.

Now you will be able to see the program at the top of the Start menu bar. Click on it to run.





Now you will see the following window.


Click on “User Configuration” – “Administrative Templates” – “Windows Components“- “Microsoft Management Console” – “Restricted/Permitted Snap-ins“.

Now on the right side of the Window you can see “Disk Management“. Right click on it.

diskmanagement4Click on “Edit” button.


Now select “Disabled” radio button and click on “Apply” and then on “OK“.

Now the Disk management feature will be hidden.

Right click on “My Computer” icon on the desktop and then click on “Manage“. You will get “Computer Management” Window as shown below. But you won’t be able to see “Disk Management“.


Now you won’t be able to see “Disk Management” feature under “Storage“.

If you want to enable the Disk Management feature again then you select “Enable” radio button as shown in the above picture where we had previously disabled disk management.

Also remember that you allows others to use your system as a standard user so that they won’t have privilege to access all these settings.