Why you should have the correct time and date in your computer?

You need to have the correct time and date for computer security reason. If your date and time is not correct and then you are trying to access websites and trying to use your log in username and password then you will get a security warning message like the below. I tried to open my Gmail account and since the time and date were incorrect, I got the following message.


Now the next thing I can do is either set computer clock correctly or click on “I understand the Risk” and proceed according to my own risk.

How to set the computer clock?

Go to “Control Panel” and click on “Date and time“.


OR Click on the date and time displayed at the lower right corner of the screen.

dateandtime2Now you will get the following screen.

changedateandtimeClick on “Change date and time Settings


Click on “Change time zone” to adjust the time zone. I have adjusted according to my location.

Note if you don’t change the time zone and just change the date and time only then your computer will again be either faster or slower according to the time zone which is already set.


Now click on “Change date and time” to adjust the time as per needed.


That’s how you set computer clock and prevent security risk.