HOW TO- Windows 7 data backup

What is backing up data means and Why you should need it.

Imagine a situation where your hard drive suddenly crashes. You had lots of important files in your hard drive of which you don’t have any other copy. Now what can you do in this case. Your files are lost. Or may be your computer gets affected by a deadly virus which wipes out all of your data. You are helpless now. So in order to get prevented from this situation you need to backup your data from time to time.

In order to back up your data you can use an external hard disk or you can use online storage backup for which you need to pay some extra charge if your datas are big. In this tutorial I am using an external hard disk for backing up my computer data.

Go to “controlpanel” and click on “backupandrestore


Note: For windows 8 user, click on “Windows 7 File recovery


Click on “Backup Now” button on the upper right corner.



Click on the drive where you want the backup files to be copied and make sure that you have enough space and click on “Next

Now you will get the following screen.


You will get two options. “Let windows choose” and ‘Let me choose“. If you Let windows choose windows will backup all the files and folder for all the users and creates a system image also. If you choose Let me choose then you can customize what to save.


You can either save the files and folders for a specific user of a computer or you can select to choose whole files and folders of Drive C: , Drive D: or specific files and folders of each drive. After making selection click on “Next” and the backing up process starts.


Now your data is backed up.