In some countries, your ISP blocks some website such as Faceboom Youtube etc. If you want to browse those websites then you need to use proxy sites or VPN (Virtual Private Network). It creates a secure connection between your computer and the remote server. Your IP address will be hidden.

You can use Free VPN add-on  such as “ZenMate“. You can install this add-on for both Firefox and Chrome. After you install you can see the Zenmate icon on the right corner of the address bar.


  • Zenmate is completely free until the time this article was written.
  • There may be a premimum version where you get more advanced option afterwards.
  • You get five different countries to change the location: Gemany, Switzerland, United kingdom, United states and Hongkong.
  • It is fast and the interface is easy to use.
  • No need to restart the browser as with some plugin for Firefox.



1.   Click on the Zenmate icon on the top right corner of the address bar.

2.  Now you will get a page to log in.



3.   Enter your email id and click on “Get Secured now” button.

4.   Now you will automatically get a password generated by Zenmate.


5.   Click on “Change” button.


6.   Enter the password which you want and click on “Submit” button.

7.   You will get a message that your password has changed.


8.   Click on “Got it” button.

9.   Once zenmate gets connected you can see the zenmate icon turns into green on the upper right corner of the address bar.


10.  Now you can browse any blocked website or download a block software.

How to change the location to other countries?

Often you may want to change the location from where you want to use this VPN then follow the below steps:

Click on the Zenmate logo icon on the upper right corner on the address bar.

Click on “Change Location” button.


You can see the current country from where Zenmate is connected and you have other options to connect to.


Choose the country to which you want to connect to.

How to sign out from Zenmate?

Click on the Zenmate icon on the upper right corner of the address bar.


Click on “Sing out” button to log out from Zenmate.